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Assignment #1- Research Question- HistoryBuff101965

1. Gender binary and expression

2.  How did gender expression and the binary change with colonialism?

A. I feel that colonialism changed and erased many aspects of our society, and this topic is one that I hold closely. With the increased tolerance and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community, I feel it is important to look into the histories that were already ahead of us on this.

3.       A. How did the West change our interpretation of the gender binary and expression through colonization?

B. West, colonization,  gender, binary, expression.

C. Two spirit, colonialism.




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Assignment 1: Research Questions

What is your general topic?   

Who was Gaius Julius Caesar?


What is your core question?

Why is Gaius Julius Caesar a celebrated historical figure?

Explain (in 2-3 sentences) why you chose to research this aspect of the topic

I’ve always been interested in Roman history. Gaius Julius Caesar is one of the most famous Roman rulers and I would like to know how he changed Rome.


Write your research question.

How did Gaius Julius Caesar come to power?


List all of the keywords and key phrases in your research question.

“Rome before Caesar” and “Rome after Caesar” are very broad. “Rome under Caesar’s rule” and “the reign of Julius Caesar” are more specific. “Julius Caesar’s rivals” is even more specific. “Life of Gaius Julius Caesar” is even more specific.

List at least 2 alternative keywords/phrases you could use.  

“Early Roman Empire” is broader than “Julius Caesar”

“Victories of Julius Caesar” More Specific than “Roman victories”

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Assignment 1: Research Questions-kinghenrythefifth

  1. Topic: I’m interested in researching prostitution in Victorian Britain.
    • The topic of sex in Victorian Britain has always been fascinating to me because of the ironic manner. Victorian Britain is known to be extremely strict and conservative; however, the sexual practices and the wide existence of prostitution prove otherwise. Thus, I wanted to learn what kind of role and effect prostitution had in Victorian London.
  2. Core Question: What does prostitution tell us about the economic state of Britain in the 19th century?
    • I knew that a lot of the prostitution existed due to a lot of economic hardships in Victorian Britain and prostitution was the main source of income for many women. Thus, I wanted to dig deeper and learn more about what the existence of prostitution meant and what kind of an effect it had on the economy. I wanted to know if prostitution was fueling the economy in a positive way, or if it was creating a bigger problem in the economic growth of the time.
  3. Research Question: What kind of effect did prostitution have on the economic growth of 19th century Britain?
  4. Keywords and Keyphrases: “prostitution,” “Victorian Britain,” “economy,” “19th-century Britain,” “Victorian era,” “economic growth”
  5. Alternative Keywords and Keyphrases: “Sex trade,” “industrial London,” “19th-century England,” “society,” “progressive era”

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Assignment 1: Research Question-historicallyanxious

1. Topic: I’m curious about Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte.

Jean Bernadotte was one of Napoleon’s Field Marshalls.  He also married Napoleon’s former fiance, which is curious.  He was named the Prince of Pontecorvo by Napoleon and eventually became the king of Sweden.

2. Core Question: How and why did one of Napolean’s Field Marshalls become king of Sweden?

I’m interested in how a French Field Marshall with an obscure and lowly background became the king of Sweden.  What were the steps involved in this process?  Why would the Swedish government want a man who most likely would be loyal to Napolean as their king?  Did becoming king of Sweden make him a traitor to France?  How did the Swedish government even know who he was?  All of these questions make me curious to discover the answers and learn about this episode of history.

3. Research Question: What was the process of Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte becoming the King of Sweden?

4. Keywords and key phrases: “Jean Bernadotte”, “Napoleonic era”, “Sweden”, “Field Marshall”, “1810-1818”

5. Alternative key words and phrases: “Charles XIV John”, “Charles III John”, “Prince of Pontecorvo”


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Assignment 1: Research Question Atlantis8219

Topic is the city of Atlantis.

Core Question: Did Atlantis exist?

I am interested in this topic because I want to know the different theories behind if Atlantis really existed. I have heard stories about Atlantis and Disney even made a movie about this mysterious city. I think there must be a reason behind why people told these stories about a sunken city. I want to know if there is actual history to back this up.

Research Question: Did Atlantis exist?

Keywords: Existence, Atlantis, theories

Alternative Keywords: Underwater City, Myths

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Assignment 1: Research Questions-Cesarsalad1

  1. Topic: People in the Alcatraz prison
  2. Core question: What factors affected the people of Alcatraz?
  3. Research question: How did the psychological factors impacted prisoners and guards of Alcatraz prison?
  4. Keywords and key phrases: “Psychological”, “factors”, “guards”, “impacted prisoner and guards”
  5. Alternative keywords/ phrases: “perceptive outlook” “affected”

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Roman Ancient Laws

Topic: Law in ancient rome.

The Romans had a complex system of government and laws. Many of the basic systems and ideas that we have about laws and government today comes from Ancient Rome.  Laws were made a number of different ways.

The term Roman law today often refers to more than the laws of Roman society. The legal institutions evolved by the Romans had influence on the laws of other peoples in times long after the disappearance of the Roman Empire and in countries that were never subject to Roman rule.

Core question:  What are the 12 tablets of ancient rome?

The Twelve Tables is the earliest attempt by the Romans to create a Code of Law and is also the earliest (surviving) piece of literature coming from the Romans The reason why I’m interested in the 12 tablets is because romans had written and unwritten law. The Romans divided their law into jus scriptum (written law) and jus non scriptum (unwritten law). By “unwritten law” they meant custom; by “written law” they meant not only the laws derived from legislation but literally laws based on any written source.

Research question: What are the ancient roman laws written on the 12 tablets?

Keywords and key phrases:  

“roman 12 tablets” “classical roman law” “early roman law”

Alternative keywords/phrases

“byzantine empire” “emperor caracalla”

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