Assignment 1: Research Questions

What is your general topic?   

Who was Gaius Julius Caesar?


What is your core question?

Why is Gaius Julius Caesar a celebrated historical figure?

Explain (in 2-3 sentences) why you chose to research this aspect of the topic

I’ve always been interested in Roman history. Gaius Julius Caesar is one of the most famous Roman rulers and I would like to know how he changed Rome.


Write your research question.

How did Gaius Julius Caesar come to power?


List all of the keywords and key phrases in your research question.

“Rome before Caesar” and “Rome after Caesar” are very broad. “Rome under Caesar’s rule” and “the reign of Julius Caesar” are more specific. “Julius Caesar’s rivals” is even more specific. “Life of Gaius Julius Caesar” is even more specific.

List at least 2 alternative keywords/phrases you could use.  

“Early Roman Empire” is broader than “Julius Caesar”

“Victories of Julius Caesar” More Specific than “Roman victories”

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