Roman Ancient Laws

Topic: Law in ancient rome.

The Romans had a complex system of government and laws. Many of the basic systems and ideas that we have about laws and government today comes from Ancient Rome.  Laws were made a number of different ways.

The term Roman law today often refers to more than the laws of Roman society. The legal institutions evolved by the Romans had influence on the laws of other peoples in times long after the disappearance of the Roman Empire and in countries that were never subject to Roman rule.

Core question:  What are the 12 tablets of ancient rome?

The Twelve Tables is the earliest attempt by the Romans to create a Code of Law and is also the earliest (surviving) piece of literature coming from the Romans The reason why I’m interested in the 12 tablets is because romans had written and unwritten law. The Romans divided their law into jus scriptum (written law) and jus non scriptum (unwritten law). By “unwritten law” they meant custom; by “written law” they meant not only the laws derived from legislation but literally laws based on any written source.

Research question: What are the ancient roman laws written on the 12 tablets?

Keywords and key phrases:  

“roman 12 tablets” “classical roman law” “early roman law”

Alternative keywords/phrases

“byzantine empire” “emperor caracalla”

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