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Assignment 2 : Information Ethics , Cesarsalad1


Faul, Michelle, Seattletimes, Nigeria’s president apologizes for plagiarizing Obama Speech. September 17 ,2016.

This article talks about how Nigeria president plagiarized one of Obama speeches. It shows proof of lines he copy from Obama speech. Even some lines of his speech were identical to Obamas. This articles shows that you that you can’t get away with plagiarism because in the end it bites you in the butt. The president of Nigeria embarrassed himself and had to apologize to the public. If you are going to steal other people words you need to cite then and use sources so you can use there material for your own work.





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Assignment 1: Research Questions-Cesarsalad1

  1. Topic: People in the Alcatraz prison
  2. Core question: What factors affected the people of Alcatraz?
  3. Research question: How did the psychological factors impacted prisoners and guards of Alcatraz prison?
  4. Keywords and key phrases: “Psychological”, “factors”, “guards”, “impacted prisoner and guards”
  5. Alternative keywords/ phrases: “perceptive outlook” “affected”

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