Assignment 1: Research Question-historicallyanxious

1. Topic: I’m curious about Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte.

Jean Bernadotte was one of Napoleon’s Field Marshalls.  He also married Napoleon’s former fiance, which is curious.  He was named the Prince of Pontecorvo by Napoleon and eventually became the king of Sweden.

2. Core Question: How and why did one of Napolean’s Field Marshalls become king of Sweden?

I’m interested in how a French Field Marshall with an obscure and lowly background became the king of Sweden.  What were the steps involved in this process?  Why would the Swedish government want a man who most likely would be loyal to Napolean as their king?  Did becoming king of Sweden make him a traitor to France?  How did the Swedish government even know who he was?  All of these questions make me curious to discover the answers and learn about this episode of history.

3. Research Question: What was the process of Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte becoming the King of Sweden?

4. Keywords and key phrases: “Jean Bernadotte”, “Napoleonic era”, “Sweden”, “Field Marshall”, “1810-1818”

5. Alternative key words and phrases: “Charles XIV John”, “Charles III John”, “Prince of Pontecorvo”


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