Assignment 1: Research Question


Question 1. What is your general topic?   

Baroque Music

In the Baroque time period, One thing that It was known for was its style of music. compared to the music today, the way it was played, the instruments, and the written music were all different. An example of this is that instead of the soloist being accompanied by a piano, it was a clavichord. Something unique about reading the music is the articulations. This includes things like trills, slurs, repeats, and special note ornamentation.

Question 2.   

 1. What is your core question? 

What influences in the Baroque period reflect in its music?

  1. Explain
    I’m currently studying flute here at Weber State. This semester, I am going to be performing 2-3 pieces from the baroque time period. Something interesting about the music from the period is on how you play it. (For example, the trills, the articulation, and the feeling it gives.) I thought it would be interesting to see what was behind the music and why. Some things that I wondered was: what was happening during this time period. What were the people and government like? Who were well known Baroque musicians? Or What drew the people to participate in the Baroque music?

Question 3.  

  1. Write your research question.
    In the Baroque time period, what societal influences reflected into the baroque music style?
  2.  List all of the keywords and key phrases in your research question.  (3 pts)
    “baroque music”, “societal influences”, “Baroque period”
  3. List at least 2 alternative keywords/phrases you could use.  (2 pts)

“Cultural influences”, “social effects”

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