Assignment 1: Research Questions MedievalMedics86

  1. My general topic is medical history in the medieval era, what was some of the techniques scientists used? How did they discover treatments?
    1. My core question is how did science grow in the medical field, did it start off with one thing, then in (x) amount of years how did it change, and why.
    2. I chose this topic because it genuinely interest me, I love medical research. Learning how it changed, how people discovered and studied their findings is worth learning about. There is a lot of different little subjects surrounding medical history, but this certain era really interests me, especially because they did not have ethics at all like we do today when it comes to studies and discoveries.
    1. “How has the history changed beginning in the Medieval times?”
    2. history, medical, change, ethics, and medieval
    3. evolution, documents, and science


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