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Assignment 2: Information Ethics kinghenrythefifth


“Happy Birthday” song officially recognized in public domain. CBS News. June 27, 2016.

This article is a perfect example of public domain. Public domain is intellectual property that belongs to the public and that can be used freely. However, no one can own the property because it belongs to the public. The “Happy Birthday” song is a widely used song in the public. Almost everyone experiences the song in their lifetime. Thus, the song should belong to the public. In 2016, it was added to the public domain to be freely used by anyone. Thus, it is the perfect example of public domain, intellectual property for the public.


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Assignment 1: Research Questions-kinghenrythefifth

  1. Topic: I’m interested in researching prostitution in Victorian Britain.
    • The topic of sex in Victorian Britain has always been fascinating to me because of the ironic manner. Victorian Britain is known to be extremely strict and conservative; however, the sexual practices and the wide existence of prostitution prove otherwise. Thus, I wanted to learn what kind of role and effect prostitution had in Victorian London.
  2. Core Question: What does prostitution tell us about the economic state of Britain in the 19th century?
    • I knew that a lot of the prostitution existed due to a lot of economic hardships in Victorian Britain and prostitution was the main source of income for many women. Thus, I wanted to dig deeper and learn more about what the existence of prostitution meant and what kind of an effect it had on the economy. I wanted to know if prostitution was fueling the economy in a positive way, or if it was creating a bigger problem in the economic growth of the time.
  3. Research Question: What kind of effect did prostitution have on the economic growth of 19th century Britain?
  4. Keywords and Keyphrases: “prostitution,” “Victorian Britain,” “economy,” “19th-century Britain,” “Victorian era,” “economic growth”
  5. Alternative Keywords and Keyphrases: “Sex trade,” “industrial London,” “19th-century England,” “society,” “progressive era”

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