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Assignment 4: Finding, citing, and evaluation Atlantis8219

Finding a Book:

1- Research Question: Did Atlantis Exist?

2- Finding a Book: To find the book I found, I went to the Weber State Library website and clicked on the yellow book icon that represents the catalog search. In the search bar I typed Atlantis, after typing that a couple options popped up and the one that looked the best was #4 Digging through history: archaeology and religion from Atlantis to the Holocaust by Richard A. Freund.

Book Citing:

Freund, R. A. (2012). Mysteries of Religion and Archaeology in the Search for Atlantis and Tarshish. In R. A. Freund, Digging through History: Archaeology and Religion from Atlantis to the Holocaust (pp. 35-101). Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

I chose to do APA 6th edition and cite the book section because I will only be using a chapter of the book due to the my research question.

Book Evaluation:

1. Relevancy: This book is directly relevant because he is searching for historical clues to find it Atlantis existed.

2. Credibility: I think that this book is credible. The writer it an anthropologist who has studied things like this before. The book seems to be more of a research book than a popular book.

3. Currency: This book was written in 2012 which I think would be a good source for my topic. Since there is so much speculation on Atlantis I think this will be a good source since he will use technology and other things to find if Atlantis existed or not.

4. Objectivity: I was not able to find any bias when flipping through the book. This book reads as if it was written for research purposes.

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Assignmet 2: Information Ethics, Atlantis8219

Copyright Infringement

jonschiffrin, Gucci vs. Guess, Schiffrin and Longo, P.C. Law Office, Oct. 21, 2018, 

This case is a good example of copyright infringement, which is the use of a copyrighted work without permission from the owner. In this case Guess used trademarked symbols of a red and green stripe and the GG symbol. Though they tried to use these in a different and creative way they were still copyrighted and owned by Gucci. Due to this Gucci was able to sue Guess for using their symbols.


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Assignment 1: Research Question Atlantis8219

Topic is the city of Atlantis.

Core Question: Did Atlantis exist?

I am interested in this topic because I want to know the different theories behind if Atlantis really existed. I have heard stories about Atlantis and Disney even made a movie about this mysterious city. I think there must be a reason behind why people told these stories about a sunken city. I want to know if there is actual history to back this up.

Research Question: Did Atlantis exist?

Keywords: Existence, Atlantis, theories

Alternative Keywords: Underwater City, Myths

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