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Assignment #2 Information Ethics Oldmed1800


Kaitlyn Schallhorn, Fox News, Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial nominee accused of plagiarizing multiple budget proposals, October 22, 2018.

Tony Evers had plagiarized many different articles word for word. In some cases he would cancel out words or switch them out. Plagiarism is still plagiarism whether you change the words or not. His plagiarism dated back to 2012. He had plagiarized some facts sheets, where he only changed one word from the sheet.

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Research Question

  1. Topic: Anesthetics used in the 1800’s
  2.  Core Question: What were the affects of anesthetics?
  3. Research Question: What were the affects from anesthetics used by surgeons in the 1800’s?
  4. Keywords & Key Phrases: “affects”, “anesthetics”, and “1800’s”
  5. Alternative Keywords & Phrases: “Surgeons”

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