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Assignment 4: by PhilosopherMarcusAurelius

Question: Was Roman culture influenced by Greek culture?

Book: I chose The Oxford History of the Classical World by John Boardman, Jasper Griffin, and Oswyn Murray

Boardman, John, Jasper Griffin, and Oswyn Murray. The Oxford History of the Classical World: Greece and the Hellenistic World. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 1995.


  1. Relavancy – My book choice is very relevant to my question. My topic covers the history of two related cultures extensively in the same book, and their relation to eachother.
  2. All three authors are highly educated in their respective fields, which also correspond to the book the collectively wrote which also relates to my question. The book is very informationally dense, which points to the book being scholarly. All the book covers seem “scholarly” for lack of a better term, and doesn’t seem like it would be trying to appeal to pop culture.
  3. The book was first published in 1986, but has since been published in later editions. Therefore I think it is still very current.
  4. I was able to skim the book and read main points, and the book seemed very unbiased. The reasoning behind their conclusions was clearly defined step by step, and their conclusions reasonable and didn’t explicitly expose a bias or agenda.

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Assignment 2: Information Ethics by PhilosopherMarcusAurelius


Ukrainian Vogue editor suspended for plagiarism of Russian authors

An article by Alec Luhn at The Telegraph News, November 3

This recent example of professional dishonesty really personifies Plagiarism. Plagiarising is using another persons content and presenting it as your own, even if you change the wording in a few places. Plagiarism not only harms the original owner of the work when you benefit off of their work, but it is also very lazy and reflects an unprofessional and dishonest person.

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