What were the laws applied to women during the Roman Empire?

Women and the law in the Roman Empire. By Judith Evans Grubbs.

I first used “roman laws”, “ancient roman laws” but figured they were too general. Started reading about women ancient laws. Then typed “women roman laws” and the book is #13 on the search and finally found a book that will help me be more specific towards my research question.

Grubbs, J.E. (2005) Women and the law in the Roman Empire: A sourcebook on marriage, divorce and widowhood. London: Routledge.

APA 6TH Edition

1.Relevancy: This book involves ancient laws of Rome focusing on women and how they were applied to them.

2.Credibility: This book is scholarly. It involves legal material of the imperial period from Augustus (31 BCE- 14 CE) to the end of the western roman empire.

3.Currency: Yes, this book not only talks about how the law was applied to women, but also how it was applied to marriages, divorces and family in general.

4.Objectivity: The books Is not biased. It simply explains how the law was applied to woman in the era. Also explains the restrictions women had during the Roman Empire.

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