Assignment 2: Information Ethics by Atlas1222

McCook, Alison, Stat News,  Prominent health policy researcher plagiarized colleagues’ work, Dartmouth investigation finds. August 20,2018
This article talks about Dr. H. Gilbert Welch a well-known health care policy scholar, who has plagiarized material from a paper that was published in a top medical journal. An investigation team was put on the case and they found out this wasn’t the first time he was “engaged in a research misconduct, plagiarism, by knowingly, and intentionally using the ideas or results without giving them the appropriate credit that they deserve. This article teaches you that you need to be careful about using other people’s work and if you do use their work you need to make sure to give them credit for their work by using the correct citations. If you don’t use the correct citation or steal someone’s work, you could lose your career over it.

This is a good source because in this article they have more than one source to back it up. They have many people/ Universities that state Welch has plagiarized their work and they have proof to back it up. The more sources and witnesses you have in the article the more valuable the article can be.

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