Assignment 1: Research Questions

What is your general topic?   

Medical advancements in WW2.

What is your core question?

What medical advances did the axis powers make during WW2?

Explain (in 2-3 sentences) why you chose to research this aspect of the topic

WW2 was one of the most infamous and compact times in history. So many things happened during WW2, so many horrible things came out of this war. I want to research what good came out of the atrocities in WW2.

Write your research question.

What knowledge or medical advances did the axis powers discover through their inhumane ways of research?

List all of the keywords and key phrases in your research question.

Medicine in WW2, Axis medical advancements, inhumane experiments in WW2

List at least 2 alternative keywords/phrases you could use.  

Medical experiments in WW2, medical discoveries found through inhumane experiments

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