Assignment 1: Research Question- missblossom123

  1. My general topic is the Nazi non-supporters view on the events during World War II.
  2. My core question is what was life like for the non-supportive Nazi’s during World War II and how they went against what they used to believe in to help others. I chose this topic because i am interested in World War II. It was such a horrible time and i want to know how it came to be and what happened during it. There were some Nazi’s that were against what the other Nazi’s believed and they actually helped some of the captives free from the concentration camps . I think that is really amazing how they risked their lives to save another even when they know what would happen if they got caught.
  3. a. How did the non-supporters of the Nazi’s impact the survival rate during World War II?

b. World War II, Nazi, non-supporter, survive

c. Hitler, concentration camps

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